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Anything Is PAWZible Contact Information
1330 W. North Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
Phone: (773) 919-PAWS

Green Dog Inc. proudly recommends Anything Is PAWZible!

Rendy Schuchat (pictured) is the Owner and Head Dog Trainer at Anything Is PAWZible dog training in Chicago, Illinois. She brings a life-long love for animals together with proven positive dog training techniques that both you and your dog will enjoy. With a Masters Degree in Psychology and Certification in Dog Obedience Instruction with Animal Behavior Training and Associates, Rendy is committed to helping people build and strengthen their relationships with their dogs.

Anything Is PAWZible dog training was created with the family pet owner in mind. Their methods and techniques are positive and fun for both you and your pet! It is never too late to improve your relationship with your pet.

Due to Rendy's loyal clients, she was voted one of the BEST/FAVORITE DOG TRAINERS in Chicago by Chicagoland Tails Reader's Choice Awards for 2004 - 2007.

Green Dog Education Program Information


This is the most critical time during the life of your dog! Puppy classes provide education on: leadership, manners, socialization, housebreaking and beginning obedience and can help to stop unwanted behaviors such as nipping, chewing, jumping, and barking. We even have a session on beginning agility and confidence building! Classes are kept small (7 puppies maximum) to reduce distractions and increase lots of individual attention!

Basic dog obedience is designed to teach essential commands that every dog should know. This program will cover: verbal and/or hand signals applied to positive training techniques and general applications for the day to day life with your dog. Classes are kept small (7 dogs maximum) to reduce distractions and increase lots of individual attention!

Have you ever thought of doing therapy work with your dog and you are not sure if your dog has what it takes to work in this field? Maybe you are concerned about the difficult tests your dog must pass in order to become certified? Look no further! Anything is PAWZible is offering a four week course on how to prepare your dog to work in dog therapy with you.

Advanced dog obedience focuses on off-leash training under high distractions. Classes are kept small (6 dogs maximum) to reduce distractions and increase lots of individual attention!

Our newly added TRICKS FOR KICKS class is all about having fun with your dog. Teaching your dogs tricks is a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, build confidence with timid or shy dogs, or just make you and others smile! Kids are welcome to come to this exciting and rewarding class!

Whether you are bringing a new born baby home from the hospital, buying a new puppy for your child, or bringing home a new pet to cohabitate with another pet or simply need help selecting a new puppy or dog, a pet adaptation lesson can make your life transition easier. These private, in-home sessions are designed to show all family members the best way to integrate a new life into your household.

This program is for dogs that have a specific problem, such as: aggression, jumping, barking, chewing, improper elimination etc. Classes are offered in conjunction with a basic obedience program or separately for well behaved dogs that have specific behavior problems.

Private lessons are tailored for the busy pet owner with a limited time schedule. These fully customized lessons are based on the temperament of the dog and the goals of the owner. Private lessons take place in our facility or in your home.

Please contact Anything is PAWZible directly for class dates and pricing. Remember to ask about discount for rescue/shelter dogs!

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